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Have you created a brand that you would like to market more effectively using professional photographs to show your products? Schedule a branding or product session with GMC Artistry to take your business and sales to the next level! Below are some past clients and a bit about their business.


Square One Athletics

Square One Athletics is an online run activewear brand started in Pittsburgh, PA by 21 year old Parker Perry. Their mission is to design an all inclusive athletic wear brand, for people deep into the fitness game, or people just beginning at square one.

Clean Skin Club

Clean Skin Club launched in January 2019 with a mission to introduce innovative and unique products to the skincare industry. All products are natural, vegan and cruelty free!

clean skin club 1.jpg
dg 2.jpg


G-ewelry is an independent run Etsy store that creates handmade jewelry our of polymer clay.

Juvia's Place

Juvia’s Place was created to celebrate the rebels, rulers and queens of the African kingdoms of long ago, who emulated and honored beauty through their soulful and innovative techniques that the top beauty gurus still use today.

juvias place 2.jpg
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